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Choosing the right company for your boiler installation or repair not only ensures that you aren’t left without heating or hot water, but that your property will be left clean and exactly how it was found.

If the new boiler is great but you end up making a wrong decision about the installation or repair, you will regret down the road.

Therefore, just like choosing the right boiler is an important decision, so is choosing the right gas boiler company.

1. Do Online Research

The quality of a website may not be an important factor in judging the skills of a boiler installed. However, it will give you a good understanding of the background of the company and its credibility. Don’t just rely on the information provided at the website. Check the company’s address to know where they are based. Reach out to them through their landline number.

2. Pick the right company for the job

Do some research into boiler installation and repair companies, a simple search will bring you a list of companies in your local area. Spend some time getting to know each company, as this will help you choose the right company for the job. It’s crucial that you choose the right boiler company, as this will not only dictate how the boiler installation or repair process unfolds, but is also your opportunity to secure the best price.

3. Look at the company’s experience

A company that has years of experience in boiler installation and repair will be good at what they do. The overall cost of your boiler services will be down to the extent of work, the components required, laboring costs and who is doing your installation. Choosing an experienced company, such as ourselves, will help keep your costs down to a minimum as your new boiler will be installed or repaired quickly and efficiently.

4. Look for accreditations

Anyone employed to work on gas appliances must be registered and competent in that area of work. If a company has good accreditations, it also shows that they are qualified and that your new gas boiler will be installed or repaired legally and safely.


5. Seek Recommendations and Feedback

Friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors can be a source of useful information. They might provide a reference to a reliable local boiler company. Don’t take their word for it, you must evaluate the services of the particular company on your own as well.

6. Get a Quote

Choosing a qualified boiler company also means the cost of services must be reasonable. When you ask a company for a quote, they send a technician to your place to inspect your heating system and evaluate the amount of work required for boiler installation or repair. Then, they give a fixed price for the service. Make sure you get the quote in writing.


7. Perform the Final Checks

Before you finally hire a gas boiler company, to make sure they offer trouble-free services, confirm the following things:

  • They must be gas safe registered
  • They must have public liability insurance
  • They must be able to provide references on their previous boiler installation or repair job
  • They must have a trading address and an active telephone number


Summing Up

You can only ensure successful boiler installation or repair if you choose a certified and professional gas boiler company for the job.

Look for reviews, seek recommendations, do your own homework and get at least 3 quotes in writing. Along with validating the technical competencies of the boiler company, make sure they have good social skills too. Choose a local company to find a qualified boiler company.

A good gas boiler company will walk you through the process of operating the boiler and heating controls once they are done with the installation or repair.